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And So Is Your Pet......
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The correct food for your pet can be crucial.  Many breeds suffer with inherent food allergies.  At My Favourite Pet Shop we offer an excellent range of quality hypoallergenic food to ensure that your dog has the best possible diet. We presently offer in raw feeding, Nutriment, Natures Menu & True Instinct.  Tribal Cold Pressed food,  Eden,  Aatu, Canagan Grain Free, Burns, Natures Menu, Natures Diet, Arden Grange, James Well Beloved. We also have a loyalty scheme for Burns, so remember to ask about this when you visit.  If we do not stock what you want we are happy to source this for you. Please click on the products below to go to the company web site. If you are unsure about what to feel your dog, then visit the independent web site




Nutriment Raw Dog Food a My Favourite Pet Shop
Tribal Cold Pressed Dog food at My Favourte Pet Shop
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